About Pokhara Heli Services

Pokhara Heli Services gives you an exclusive opportunity to bask in the splendors of nature and experience Nepal's dotted travel destinations from the comfort of a helicopter. You get to feast on the awesome vistas of snow-capped peaks, glaciated passes, quaint village settlements and panoramic landscapes. From aerial sightseeing to heli trek, we offer you unforgettable travel experience.

Before you plan your trip, get information from one of our specialists. Our specialists have the first hand experiences of locations, weather, political situation and availability. Most of the information on the internet is not reliable and one should refrain from outdated information. Any queries can be immediately answered and our specialist can manage and organize your trip from the beginning to the end. Once this has been done, we can create an itinerary which is completely full proof and in great detail. After your queries have been satisfied and once you accept the itinerary, we can begin the process of booking your trip. Once your deposit has been received, we can start to confirm all your arrangements. Even after booking you'll undoubtedly think of more questions. You can feel free to call your specialist at any time. In any case they will give you a call a few days before you are due to travel, to check everything is alright and go through your itinerary one last time.